11.17 Daily Poem Challenge #4

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I am using the daily prompts provided on Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides blog on writersdigest.com

Matthew 5:41

I imagine Atticus, lacing up the sneakers
of black men, hurrying down the food desert
highways, hands up, don’t shoot

or shuffling steel-toed in the dirt track boots
of the redneck nationalist, gun at ready
and safety off, pacing the wall, walking tall

catcalled in high heels and assaulted
with words and eyes and hands, asking for it
by existing; Atticus, you slut

as he walks and draws a crowd of legs
surrounding his feet and pulling at his coat
while he slips on the high-top Chucks

of the trans boys and girls, suddenly invisible
and needing to pee, but all the doors are marked
and guarded, humiliation in or out if anyone sees

him rich and suited, shining leather one percenter
sweat and privilege trickling down his face
as he completes a mile and looks back

at the scowling crowd, impatient for him to return
to their ignorance, having done enough, his duty
and offering back to him his own Macomb shoes.

I imagine Atticus standing pointe on ballerina feet
cracked and bloody bruising toes, handing
his loafers to the dirty, barefoot latch-key child

with eyes full of future, imagination, and blue

“You asked me to walk one mile and I’ve done it.
How about we make it two?”

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