11.17 Daily Poem Challenge #28

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I am using the daily prompts provided on Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides blog on writersdigest.com


The memories are difficult to conjure
and equally as formidable to forget.
I wish that I were skilled at either
but I am innocuous, and caught in a middle state;
a place and reflex that I have come to understand as love.

The kind that lengthens the death of the opera’s hero
and allows him easy access to his tenor while bleeding out
beneath the sword of his rival
so that he may sing eternity to his beloved
as she weeps in aria

from alto to soprano, a wordless libretto, understood,
giving the villain pause to consider
the gravity of his crime against her
until there is only remorse and recollection,
a longing for a better end than what might have been.

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