11.17 Daily Poem Challenge #2

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I am using the daily prompts provided on Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides blog on writersdigest.com


My old disguise is failing
my flat chest exhaling breast
tissue beneath my softened skin

visible every day more than the last
thirty-six years passed by without
dancing because the body wasn’t mine

to move, or enjoy, my long boyhood
suffered ardently, willing myself to be normal
and brutish, war-fueled and male.

The mask is cracking, too, going smoother
and hairless, subcutaneously shifting layers
to cheekbones and eyes, wider

and wilder blue, the sadness hiding there
having been plundered by my second puberty,
the one I should have had

if my body and my brain had hit it off better
when they met, instead of adversarily,
barely agreeing on the particulars of form.

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